Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Things to do before DevWeek

Things have been a bit hectic as of late with family and non-computing stuff - there is a life for all of us out there that doesn't include a keyboard and mouse! The only problem is that it occasionally gets in the way of the "busy work":

  • Complete the upgrade to my Archery clubs web site:
    • Plug in a new CMS for the news and notice board feature.
    • Implement micro formats* and a site map to improve the sites findability.
  • Update a demo system at work for a MAJOR demo to potential project stakeholders on next week.
  • Build and deploy an email address capturing form on the holding page of the current site I'm working on.
  • Complete the Asp.Net MVC Nerd Dinner chapter so I wont be like a complete noob at DevWeek... MEH!

As if things aren't hectic enough, I think I'm going to kop for buying my old team a pizza on Friday...

*I'm going to do a post on micro-formats in the near future as I think semantic markup is going to become more and more prevalent just don't get me started on f****** web slices for IE8 though!

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